About DDU

Uplift the character of humanity and build a Pure Land on Earth

Dharma Drum University (DDU) is a space where our ideas and experience, through the dynamic process of dialogue and practice, transform into a creative self and a university for the community.

Master Sheng Yen founded the Dharma Drum Mountain and DDU to put into practice the principle of "uplifting the character of humanity and building a Pure Land on Earth." DDU is a response to the needs of this era for higher education with a rich atmosphere of culture, spiritual vision and attention to global development.

Spiritual Environmentalism as the core value, to establish consensus and a model of global purification.

Dharma Drum University's mission and vision adopts "spiritual Environmentalism as the core value, nurtures leaders who have both compassion and wisdom, explores the future of mankind and builds a Pure Land on Earth"; in practice, we should "build an international education village for multi-facetted learning and with innovative academic research, and become a model of consensus and global purification."